Eurocreme: Luke Desmond and Lyle Boyce

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Donkey Dicked Luke Desmond is bored at work! Checking his colleagues have gone for the day he opens his favourite porn movie. His cock seems to always be hard and taking it out he just makes it harder! Using his own spit as lube he enjoys tugging his huge cock totally enjoying himself. Disturbed by a delivery boy buzzing his office, Luke races to hide his cock and close his porn! He thinks he has got away with it until he accidentally hits play again blasting out screams of pleasure from his laptop! Lyle recognises the sounds, taking a Luke he tells Luke that it’s one of his favourites. Not sure what to do next Luke asks if he likes “this” Showing him his still stiff cock! Lyle doesn’t say a word but drops to his knees and services the horny stud’s huge cock! Stripping down and bending over the delivery boy Luke works his tongue into Lyle's hole, spitting and licking it recreating one of his own favourite porn scenes! Dropping his trousers and pants but still in a shirt and tie he slips his hardon into Lyle's wet hole! Stood behind him slamming his hole Luke looks at home, making the most of the empty office they swap from the office chair then back to the desk before Lyle shoots his load. Not even the creaky office desk is going to put Luke off who soon follows and shoots his hot load over Lyle's chest!

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