Jake Morgan & Billy Santoro in Performance Review Part 1 Video

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Jake is busy at the office and his coworker whom also is his ex-boyfriend comes walking into his office demanding to know why he doesn't answer his calls anymore. Jake is trying to tell Billy that he is seeing someone new and that he can't meet with him no longer but Billy won't take no for an answer so he pressures Jake into one last fuck session in the office. Jake finally agrees to it but he tells Billy he has to be quite because he's loud when they fuck. They start to go at it slowly taking their business suits off and sucking each other off. Billy bends Jake over the desk and gives him a great pounding but Jake has to constantly tell him to quiet down before someone hears them. Billy doesn't care who hears them so he makes as much noise as possible as he fucks and changes positions with Jake. They hurry up and finish with their hot creamy loads left all over each other and back to work they go. Enjoy!

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