Sean Duran & Benjamin Bronx in Hard Takedown Video

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Nothing like a friendly wrestling match to decide who is going to get fucked first and in this case Sean loses the match. They squeeze into the singlets and head to the ring boners ready to go and all. Once in the ring they tussle about and slam to the ground. Once Benjamin has the upper hand he shoves his cock into Sean's face and then the real action starts. Hard as a rock Sean pulls Benjamin's cock out and swallows it whole while he fondles his balls. Benjamin has been waiting all day for that sweet ass and he gets his face deep in it lubing the tight hole up with his spit. After a taste of what is to come Benjamin mounts Sean and he lets him know who is in charge. Sean eager and loving the dick rides it up and down as he tight ass clinches Benjamin's shaft. Once Benjamin is ready to let loose his heavy load he blasts it all over Sean's face for the win. Enjoy!

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