Black-ts-head Porn Videos

"black-ts-head" is a combination of different adult video tags, and each part has its own meaning: 1. "black": In this context, it refers to the race or ethnicity of the individuals involved in the scene. It usually means that one or both of the people in the scene are African American or black-identifying. 2. "ts": This abbreviation stands for "transsexual" which indicates that at least one participant is a transsexual person. Transsexual individuals are those who have undergone, are undergoing, or plan to undergo hormone therapy and surgery to transition from their assigned gender at birth to their experienced or expressed gender. 3. "head": This term is commonly used in the adult industry as shorthand for "oral sex." In this case, it suggests that the scene involves a transsexual person performing oral sex on another individual, who could be of any race or ethnicity. In summary, the tag "black-ts-head" describes a video where a black transsexual individual is performing oral sex on someone else.