Bigstr Porn Videos

"Bigstr" in this context seems to be a misspelling or a combination of two words - "big" and "str" which could possibly stand for "string". Therefore, I will assume the intended meaning is "big string". Now, let me explain it: Big String refers to porn videos that involve the use of large penis stretchers or big dildos. These objects are used to penetrate the female performer's vagina or anus for maximum stimulation and visual appeal. The term "string" might be used because these devices are often long, thin, and flexible, similar to a string. In summary, Big String is a tag used in porn videos that feature large, elongated penis stretchers or dildos being used during sexual acts with females. These objects may vary in material, design, and size but serve the purpose of providing pleasure and visual stimulation. Note that this term might not be an officially recognized one and could be region-specific or slang.