Big-amateur Porn Videos

"big-amateur" is a combination of two main aspects in a porn video: 1. Big: This generally implies that the individuals involved have larger than average body parts, particularly their genitals. In this context, it can mean that one or more performers have bigger penises or breasts compared to the industry standards. 2. Amateur: This term refers to the experience level of the performers. An "amateur" video typically features non-professional individuals who are new to or not regularly involved in the adult film industry. These videos often showcase more natural and raw performances, as opposed to scripted and polished scenes found in professional productions. So, a "big-amateur" porn video would feature individuals with larger than average body parts (usually referring to their genitals), who may not be professionals or have much experience in adult films. This category often highlights the natural and uninhibited aspects of sexual encounters between non-professional partners.