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The phrase "bbottomchub" is a compound word with three main components: "bbottom", "chub", and the original word "bottom". 1. "Bbottom": This refers to a man who identifies as a bottom in homosexual relationships, meaning he takes the passive or receptive role during anal sex. The term "bbottom" is simply a play on words with "bottom," using the slang abbreviation "b-" instead of the full word "bi-". 2. "Chub": This term has multiple meanings, but in this context, it likely refers to a chubby or overweight individual. It could also be an intentional misspelling of the word "cum," which is a natural bodily fluid released during sexual excitement. 3. "Bottom": This word generally means the passive partner in anal sex. When used here with the previous two components, it may refer to a chubby man who takes the receptive role in homosexual relationships. So, "bbottomchub" is a playful way of describing a chubby or overweight man who takes the bottom (passive) role during anal sex.