Ballbusting-cbt Porn Videos

"Ball busting" and "CBT" are both adult video tags associated with specific types of fetishes. They describe a variety of sexual acts that involve the male genitals, specifically the testicles and penis. "Ballbusting" is an activity where a female or masculine-identifying person kicks, strikes, or applies pressure to a male's testicles. This can be considered as a form of BDSM play due to the intensity of the physical sensation, often combined with dominance and submission roles. "CBT", short for "cock and ball torture," is a broader term that encompasses various activities related to stimulating or causing discomfort to the male genitals. This can include not just ball busting but also other acts such as masturbation, genital binding, penetration with objects, or even just visual teasing. It's essential to note that like any form of BDSM play, consent and communication are crucial factors in engaging in these activities safely and responsibly. Always ensure that all participants are comfortable and info