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- question: What is the difference between hard determinism and compatibilism? - answer: Hard determinism, also known as psychological determinism or strict determinism, holds that every event, including human actions and decisions, is determined by prior causes. This means that free will does not exist in this view, as all actions are predestined. Compatibilism, on the other hand, suggests that free will and determinism can coexist. It argues that even if our actions are determined by external factors such as genetics or upbringing, we still have a degree of control over our decisions within this framework, making us morally responsible for those choices. - question: How is hard determinism related to causality? - answer: Hard determinism maintains that every event has a cause and cannot be otherwise. It suggests that any human action or decision can be traced back to prior causes, such as genetics, upbringing, social influences, etc. In this view, free will is an illusion because our actions ar