Amateur-facial Porn Videos

"Amateur-Facial" is a term used in the adult content industry to describe a type of pornographic video. "Amateur" refers to the fact that the participants are not professional adult film actors, but rather everyday people who may be engaging in sexual activities for the first time or have had limited prior experience being filmed. A "Facial" is a term used to describe the act of a man ejaculating on a woman's face, body, or other objects during sexual intercourse or manual stimulation. This can also include instances where the male participant ejaculates into his own hand and then smears it over the woman's face or other areas. So, an "Amateur-Facial" video would typically involve unprofessional actors engaging in various forms of sexual activity leading up to a man ejaculating on the woman's face or body. This is often considered a high point or climax within the content, hence why it is specifically referred to in the tag.