Aggressive-top Porn Videos

"Aggressive-Top" is a porn video tag that describes a specific roleplay dynamic in a sexual scenario. In this case, the term "aggressive" refers to one partner taking on a dominant, assertive, or forceful role during sex. This can involve rougher physical touch, quicker and more forceful movements, or even some light BDSM practices like restraining a partner. The "Top" part of this tag indicates that the person engaging in these aggressive actions is taking on the insertive role, typically associated with penetrative acts such as anal or vaginal intercourse. In most cases, the top partner is also considered to be the one in control during sexual activities, meaning they call the shots and lead the overall experience. In summary, "Aggressive-Top" describes a sexual scenario where one partner actively takes on a dominant role, being assertive and forceful during penetrative acts, while being the one in control of the overall experience.