808 Porn Videos

"808" is a slang term related to the sound of the Roland TR-808 drum machine. This device was introduced in the early 1980s and has been used extensively in various music genres such as hip hop, electronic, techno, house, etc. Due to its distinct sounds, especially the "boom" and "clap" bass drums, it became very popular for creating unique beats and rhythms. In the context of porn videos, "808" is used as a tag to indicate scenes that feature music or scenes with a strong rhythmic element, often associated with the mentioned genres. These scenes may also have a particular style or aesthetic inspired by these genres, like vibrant colors, neon lights, or futuristic settings. It can be seen as a way to set the mood or atmosphere of the video. Please note that this tag is mainly used for scenes with strong rhythmic elements and music, rather than being directly associated with specific sexual acts or fetishes related to drum machines or technology._tag1: 808_tag2: Music/Rhythm_tag3: Hip Hop_tag4: Electronic_