Dylan Knight & Rylan Knox in Play Hard Video

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Geared up in a jockstrap and chest pads, Rylan Knox gets on all fours and eagerly sucks Dylan Knight's cock. Dylan encourages Rylan by fingering his hole and delivering a series of firm smacks to Rylan's firm, toned ass cheeks. The blowjob intensifies as Rylan tugs on Dylan's big, low hanging balls. When Dylan's cock is slick and lubed with Rylan's spit, they trade places. Dylan gives Rylan a sensual, slurping blowjob, using his tongue to pay special attention to the sensitive tip of Rylan's cock. At the same time, Dylan jerks his own cock, making his nuts swing back and forth. Rylan swings a leg over and impales himself on Dylan's cock, undulating his body to achieve maximum penetration. Dylan thrusts up into Rylan, setting those massive balls into motion again. They switch to doggy style; Dylan slams his cock all the way into Rylan's ass, then all the way out, again and again. Rylan flips over; Dylan unloads massive spurts of cum onto Rylan's abs, which triggers Rylan to add his own load to the mix.

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